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2015-07-13 09:09:00 by Tanadrine-Studios



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2015-07-13 10:29:40

hi!! :-) how are ya, ya beauty?


2015-09-21 06:12:15

You've been busy selling out, haven't you ;) Really glad you've been doing what you love doing. Everything been going okay? How ya feeling these days?

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Yeah I'm doing quite well for myself nowadays, though I'd like to get back into doing personal projects. Even though the commercial projects i've worked on have been enough to make a living off of, they tend to be extremely disappointing creatively. Sometimes I'm asked to do as much as I can as fast as I can... which means every scene ends up looking like crap. Other times, I'm asked to work on something like 4-5 seconds of footage for a week or more and even though the output is good, the creative directors tend to waste my time on things that the viewer is extremely unlikely to care about (IE: "Could you adjust that 10 pixel high tree in the far left background?"). In both cases, usually at the end of a production I'm baffled that anyone actually paid serious money to have it made.

A lot of what I do now involves motion capture editing, but there are times where it gets applied to things that shouldn't really use it such as stylized cartoons. This series, for example: (I was responsible for all hand-animated elements, corrections, and some visual effects)

One of the big challenges of this business is keeping yourself working, especially when starting out. With new clients, you tend to spend a lot more time communicating what is expected on both ends, whereas with previous clients they just tell you to "do your thing" and that's that.

While I may be working on a full length movie next year, I'm hoping to put some more time into Delura. The trick is making people believe i'm working at 100% when i'm only putting in about 30%. :)


2015-09-21 14:37:43

That is so funny, it sounds just like when I was producing video for clients in the late 1990's!

Sure is a nice demo reel, guess you did the animated characters in the beginning of the piece, can see what you mean O_O

If there's work in your field out there, I'm sure you'll find it, or it you. You've already done so much to be proud of! Hope the movie deal works out, and you're adequately compensated for all that you do. The Delura universe won't collapse in on itself while you're creating others ;) All my best dude!