Entry #104

A look at new 3d software for artists

2014-07-19 14:22:48 by Tanadrine-Studios

I know its been a while... i've been quite busy with commercial content. A side effect of that commercial content is that I can afford quite a bit more than I used to, such as an advanced GPU renderer and a beefy card to go with it: The video explains how this will benefit Delura's production and gives a few comparisons between the old and new.



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2014-07-19 17:24:23

it's free? no? then it's out of my league =P

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Oh it is quite the opposite of free, it's expensive!


2014-07-19 17:30:16

Over my head info but looking good!


2014-07-24 16:51:54

Just stopped by to see how you were making out. I'm in the process of purchasing the components for an unambitious desktop gaming system, and have (mostly) settled on the GeForce 650 Ti. Different strokes for different folks and all; running a power hungry AMD 8 core CPU is bad enough, so the cheaper, low power consumption 650 Ti looks to be a decent, low ball alternative.

Very happy to hear your commercial work is paying some bills :)


2015-04-26 15:49:47