Delura: a 50-minute behind the scenes feature

2013-09-23 15:39:30 by Tanadrine-Studios

Totaling a runtime of 50 minutes, this behind the scenes 2-parter is now complete so grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy a nerd’s obsession with indie 3d filmmaking! If anyone would like to pitch in to receive the video, please check out this page for details on the video content itself and how to get it!

All proceeds will be re-invested into the Delura project. Don't worry, the majority of Delura core content will remain free to watch either here on Newgrounds or wherever we post content at.

Delura: a 50-minute behind the scenes feature


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2013-09-23 17:25:49

Awesome! :D Now I just need to buy some popcorn...


2013-09-24 03:30:16

Looking forward to it! Like you, I've been working with some dodgy old stuff for a while now, and am upgrading soon... this may finally drive me to the Lightwave-side :)

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Be sure your compy has an SSD drive in it! They really do wreck normal hard drives in terms of performance.

Lightwave is a pretty well-rounded program overall; it does lack in some areas but you are provided with all the tools and workflows required to create content. 3dsmax focuses more on good modeling tools, Maya is stronger in the animation department. I remember hearing about Modo at one point but I don't know what its strengths/weaknesses are. And of course you can use Blender to fill in the gaps of whatever program you use :)