2013-07-16 08:08:07 by Tanadrine-Studios

No news for the time being, so I'll put this post here for now (to throw any commentary or questions if desired).


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2013-07-16 10:19:31

The last Delura episode ended quite suddenly. Will there be any other episodes for public consumption, or is the plan (still on) to hold onto newer episodes for a year? I guess I wouldn't mind paying for new episodes, given it isn't only PayPal you'd be accepting.

How's things otherwise? How many panels of Bandits to Tor are left?

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

To answer your questions:

- I am working on 2 animated shorts related to the Delura series... one of those shorts is nearing completion as of this reply. The reason behind this diversion is workflow development and concept testing. If I'm going to start building a huge library of re-usable animations, tools, and other stuff, I have to make absolutely sure that I'm not going to corner myself into a situation where I have to re-do a ton of work.

For example, say I made 300 stock animations that can be used on any character at any point in the timeline... these animations can be modified after being placed so that they appear hand-keyed; its pretty easy to do. Well, if I find later that I need to make major changes to the rig, or I hit a snag somewhere in production that I didn't expect... enough changes will destroy my ability to use those 300 stock animations. So far, the animated short has provided some very valuable data as to what I need to change so things are friction-free.

-As for the comic, my estimate hovers around 70 pages. I want a section of the story that follows Ivan, so towards the end of the comic he will get the spotlight for a while.

Finally, I have a lot of ideas for generating revenue in the form of premium content... I just require a bit more time to put that phase of Delura's growth into motion. I got the hardware to pull this stuff off now.

Behind the scenes, I've teamed up with a writer who has provided me with an entire outline for a 100-page comic that takes place in the Delura galaxy which will be our first ever premium comic release. I am very excited about it, but a lot of organizational work is still needed to get it off the ground (namely, finding artists who are interested in receiving a percentage of profits, and whom are interested in having access to Delura's source files).


2013-07-16 11:42:43

Sounds like an excellent plan! I've always maintained, if you start with a solid and diversified stock, you can easily jump into the frame by frame stuff, without having to stop and re-do or create new things... should keep things more productive and steady.

As always, you have my cheap-ass support :)