Using Blender to composite images from other programs

2013-06-16 01:06:24 by Tanadrine-Studios

Over the past 2 weeks i've been struggling to learn how to get a good compositing workflow going. Lightwave has no built-in tools for easily generating render passes, so I had to find and then learn how to use a plugin that enables this capability.

Of course, I then had to learn how to best utilize these render passes with Blender. It is easy, but there's a lot of hurdles you have to jump over before things work right (I find Blenders default settings less than smart).

So... in the interest of saving others the extreme frustration of clawing their way up the totem pole of knowledge, i've decided to put out this tutorial video. Perhaps someone else who may read this news post who uses 3d applications may find the Blender side of the tutorial useful? Blender as far as I know contains the only free compositing functions in the free software category.


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