Funding aquired!

2013-04-30 05:50:54 by Tanadrine-Studios

Video explains:


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2013-04-30 11:35:35

congrats dude, glad you got it

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Thanks! It really is a game changer; the difference between the athlon II and i7 3770k is staggering.


2013-04-30 16:41:09

Good. Heres to hoping you make good use of it.


2013-04-30 23:31:26

I'm so very glad this all worked out! The 32 to 64 bit problem sounds like an interesting challenge, considering the age of some of the software used. There may be some 8 and 16 bit flies in the ointment as well. I met Mind-Chamber this past weekend, and he's as talented as he is friendly :) If you'd like to attend Pico Day next year, please ask either one of us! Then there's the NYC meet in June, which is open to all members, if you'd like to take a break.


2013-05-02 09:20:17

Groovy. :)