Closing the Kickstarter

2013-04-02 17:23:41 by Tanadrine-Studios

For anyone who hasn't seen our Kickstarter update, you can see it here:

Time to move on to a much more modest "plan B"; do the fundraiser ourselves with a much more modest goal.


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2013-04-06 15:13:01

So you don't reach the goal? Shame. :/ What was the goal btw?

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Unfortunately not. The goal we had set was $6500; it was to pay for a high-end computer, production level video editing software, and to give our volunteers a small bonus as a thanks for their help.

Right now, I'm working on finishing the behind the scenes video (so far it is looking like it'll be a 40-50 minute production), and we're implementing "plan B".

Plan B is to simply do the fundraising on our website instead of through a 3rd party like Kickstarter (avoiding the 10-15% fees), and only worrying about replacing my stoneage old workstation with a mid-range computer that can actually handle the content as shown in EP 005.03. I can live without updated software, and a mid range system would still be enough to get Delura moving forward again.

The main incentive to donating right now is going to be the behind the scenes video, available for $10. I hope to finish it in the next few days, then I will announce its availability and give any current donors access to the download.

We also have a rudimentary store for those who would prefer to get something in return for their bucks and aren't interested in the video content.

A lot of people have suggested indiegogo, but I'd rather skip the fees in favor of being able to lower our funding requirements... especially for something as low as $750. On the website I am showing exactly what system I'm looking at getting which the funding will be used on... if people can find a better deal for the equivalent systems i've listed, it'll allow me to lower the goal.


2013-04-06 16:34:23

The main reason I occasionally 'fund' projects on both of those mentioned sites is shamefully just to get a long list of projects I can consider myself a contributor to. It's a nice way of doing something positive and at the same time get a graphical list of accomplishments for it. Not to mention the occasional perk. If you accept donations through anything other than PayPal I'll definitely contribute a few dollars though. Maybe not the full ten, but everything counts right? Good luck with that!

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

I'm not sure what others methods that would be; paypal does accept most bank cards without signup so the only other way I can think of would be through mail. Anyone is free to contact us if they would like to donate and cannot do so through paypal: _id=4066


2013-04-07 12:27:16

I know they accept payment without an account, but they refuse to accept my credit card. It works fine through other services though. If you're looking for alternatives then how about Amazon Payments? Not sure what the terms of service are, but that's always worked fine. Also 2checkout but I don't think that's a free gateway.