WhatYouSay? #002 (and Kickstarter Progress)

2013-03-19 12:26:25 by Tanadrine-Studios

EDIT: NEW pledge options are available! Including the ability to SWAP items to customize what you get!

Last chance to get your caption edited into this image (see below) on our website! Winning caption will be selected tonight! Submit your caption suggestions here!

Also, we're close to 2 weeks left and we're at the 1.1k mark for our Delura Kickstarter. If you like our content (check out EP 005.03 here on newgrounds), we could really use some help for our humble production. Remember that the 6.5k goal is partly to offset the costs of taxes, fees, printing and shipping... otherwise we would have set it lower. We just want to work with TODAY's technology instead of stuff from 10 years ago (athlon x2's, windows XP).

I'm not going to give up on the series should we not reach the goal, but I will need to dial back the quality of the visuals for EP 005.04 and beyond due to the many, many extra steps required to make old hardware do stuff it wasn't designed to do. Even EP 005.03's humble visuals required 2 months worth of machine hours even utilizing the most efficient processes possible. Support true indie content and pledge...

---We're not the kind of people who accumulate close to a million dollars and then ask for MORE money from their audience.

---We're not the kind of people who are already part of a well-established company with a huge team of employees and just want a quick boost in profits.

---We just want the tools needed to make cool stuff for you.

If you would like more information on the series, visit delura.tanadrine.com

Thank you all,

P.S, if you want to hit me up, tell me I'm great, tell me I suck, or just have questions or suggestions, my Skype is "ryanroye" :)

-Ryan Roye
Tanadrine Studios

WhatYouSay? #002 (and Kickstarter Progress)


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2013-03-20 00:55:40

awesome, good luck!