Delura 3d animated series Kickstarter Launched!

2013-03-04 15:26:46 by Tanadrine-Studios

The Delura Kickstarter has officially launched!! The timer is counting down from 30 days.

View the page here and help us make this series better than it has ever been! We need your help more than ever to spread the word.

VIEW THE DELURA KICKSTARTER PAGE, we have some really cool perks in store... even at the $5 tier it gives you permanent placement of your name in our credits page.

Let's knock em dead everyone! Give us the tools, and we'll give you the best sci-fi entertainment out there. We're working on 10-yr-old equipment right now and it would really speed things up to work on current hardware!

Delura 3d animated series Kickstarter Launched!


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2013-03-04 16:58:43

Or you could get a job and EARN the money.

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

-Already have one on top of going to college and posses a business administration degree. ~$5000 worth of hardware/software is a hard cost to absorb even for a well-established individual with a high-paying career (I am not one of those people).

A misconception about Kickstarter is that it is just people giving money. This isn't the case (in fact Kickstarter guidelines discourage campaigns like that); it is very much operated like a store. People pay for perks, and those perks are typically valued competitively just like in any marketplace. In this case, we're offering posters, t-shirts, exclusive never-before-seen video content, animation services and more!

So, this is almost no different than running a store on our website, except for the fact that Kickstarter offers an "all or nothing" platform that adds exposure for a one-time event that is aimed at a very specific goal. We have our goal set, and we are going for it.

Thanks for visiting!

-I'd also like to add that bulk buying is something that makes Kickstarter appealing to a LOT of people. For example, printing just just 1 direct to garment t-shirt can cost you up to $30! But if you buy 100 of those shirts, you can usually get as much as a 50% discount on the entire order. Kickstarter helps this process by being a 3rd party which holds the funding, giving it back if the goal isn't met.


2013-03-04 17:35:27

The pitch video looks great! Hope you go well over your goal!

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Thanks man! We're not just going to count on luck though, we're going to be working through the whole event to give it the chance it deserves. I have contacted all of the Delura crew and they are on board for helping get the word out as well.


2013-03-04 17:56:04

I sent Tom a message regarding your fund raiser, and will definitely throw a few bucks your way.
The luck you'll need, is balancing work, school and this production (and little things like eating and sleeping)!

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Heh yeah. Thanks for the plug, I was hesitant about telling Tom myself because it'd sound a lot better if the request came from fans of the series.

One thing is for sure: our coffee maker is going to be busy as well :)


2013-03-05 00:30:23

Cool! I've been a fan of the series, good luck with the kickstarter!


2013-03-06 05:54:43

I've placed my monetary pledge, and hope for the success of this kick-starter! ;)