Message I sent to Delura developers

2013-02-08 19:45:03 by Tanadrine-Studios

When I originally accepted help for the Delura project, I made certain it was clear that the volunteers knew that it was a "no profit" project.

Well I kind of lied to them, I have plans to make this into a big deal. I wanted to filter out all of the people who weren't really interested in the project itself because over the years i've gotten dozens of offers to help, and many of those offers fell flat as soon as I told them no money was involved. I want people who actually like fantasy sci-fi on the Delura team... it just makes sense doesn't it?

This is the video message I sent to them all, which i've made public:

as a final note, open application for additional contributors/volunteers has been closed indefinitely.


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2013-02-08 21:35:56

New title looks nice. The plan for profit sounds encouraging.
Welcome to the undiscovered country of co-op production.
Maybe send Tom a quick PM... ask his opinion. (I'm just recovering from surgery, so my opinion is an unsqueezed, blood filled turnip just now)

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Hey thanks! Get well soon dude, and I really appreciate your commentary, you rock!

there's going to be some changes in the way we do things... for all of the Delura episodes, up to and including 005.03 I was able to change things at any point of the production process. This will not be true in the new workflow as it demands that I lay out the entire project (like, ALL of it!) ahead of time.

Even though all of the Delura team were found from other places, I'm really glad newgrounds fosters a co-op environment. I know that it will take quite some time before 3d production becomes a norm in Newgrounds enough to make collaboration in that area easier (if ever). For 2d animators, the collab system really seems killer!