Some Delura character bios

2013-01-29 14:53:25 by Tanadrine-Studios

I'm working on website updates in preparation for our kickstarter, and i've also been doing some promo outside of Newgrounds while as well via facebook (targeting anthro and sci-fi communities) so we'll see how it goes.

I fixed the broken comic links on our webpage, and I'll be re-doing the website navigation pretty soon here.

I'm also working on just getting the site updated with more info about the Delura universe.

Character Bios Added: Aiden, Rudo, Vox.

NOTE: the completed bios will have cross reference links, and hyperlinks leading to details of major locations or otherwise when mentioned.

Some Delura character bios


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2013-01-29 16:24:27

The wolf himself and the symbol look a tad generic. Armour looks good, though.


2013-01-29 20:04:11

Can't see you not getting completely funded through Kickstarter. I'm sure you'll make a great pitch to the NG and YT crowds (any others?)
It might help the pitch to say you've got plenty more script waiting and ready to get bought to life... one thing's for sure, you've got enough stuff in the can already to more than prove your point. And you can be sure I'll pony up some cash for your good works when the time comes!

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

You are quite the optimistic one! :) I figured I'd get my stuff in order first before taking the kickstarter head on. Make sure the website is looking sharp, more ergonomic design, and there will be a lot of new content that will clue people into just how deep the story intends to go concerning the universe we've created.

There's a lot of stuff i've been wanting to put into the Delura website, like how interstellar transport systems work, what are the major locations in the galaxy(s), what the home planets of the other races look like, etc. I doubt I will get it all done before I launch the campaign, but it'll definitely be a lot to look at regardless.