Finished my Lightwave 3d presentation today

2013-01-26 20:49:47 by Tanadrine-Studios

BEWARE! Only the ultimate 3d nerds would consider viewing the recording of my live presentation. I tried to say "umm" and "you know" a few hundred less times, but it wasn't very effective :). The clammy hands I always get when presenting never helps, ah well.

Hopefully the folks who joined in found it useful. The second presenter covered a compositing workflow using Lightwave and Fusion (a top-end node-based compositing program)... something I'm definitely going to have to review later (well, at least for the Lightwave side of things).

Finished my Lightwave 3d presentation today


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2013-01-26 21:23:24

A buddy from work and I were going to partner up and buy a Video Toaster quite a long time ago. It looked like the software had some serious legs in the 90's, and look where we're at now.
Yeah, counted a few 'uhs' and 'you knows', but it's not an easy thing to roll back the clock to when you first learned... Teaching really requires the opposite mindset of working (by yourself).