Looking at a new audio editor

2012-12-20 12:40:30 by Tanadrine-Studios

I am looking to replace audacity as my audio editor... the image below explains. The program shown is called "Reaper". The price ain't too bad either (for "commercial" purposes under 20k/yr, the program is only $60)

Now that I think about it, the tools I seem to like the most are the ones that lack "selection modes", or "modes" in general. I just really like context sensitive controls.

I still need to get past the initial learning curve of the program; most of that curve lies in figuring out what pre-built effects/filters are available that are equivalent to the effects/filters I typically use in Audacity to create new sounds. Usually, I use household items to produce sounds then edit the hell out of them to give them a unique effect. Example: Using a combination of phaser and pitch shifting, you can make the jarring sound of rubbing a dry balloon sound like electricity.

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Looking at a new audio editor


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2012-12-20 13:17:38

Just use mixcraft, or one of the usual ones like Audition, Vegas ect.


2012-12-20 13:48:28

Hmm, i use Audacity and it is pretty clunky. I used Logic at a friends and the ability to edit filters as gradients over time is pretty awesome.


2012-12-20 13:48:55

Good luck with Reaper!


2012-12-20 15:35:54

Goldwave used to be a good editor and tweaker.
If you're not aware, the Star Wars blaster noise, was recorded from a radio tower's tension line *pewww-pewww', and slowed down. Good, canned sfx are fine, but there's nothing wrong with being your own foley artist.