Status Update Video

2012-12-11 19:40:17 by Tanadrine-Studios

Just a bit of a visual update and some behind the scenes footage.


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2012-12-11 22:30:52

...which brings up an important point: can you get ad-revenue from posting mp4 videos here?
As someone who grew up with crystal radio kits, I sincerely hope your clunky hardware will be the least of your worries in the near future.

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Yup. i've made a couple bucks from Newgrounds so far; I just don't see a way to do inlaid video ads to help revenue further. I also monetize YouTube where I can; the funds from video sites cumulatively is enough to offset the cost of our website; not much else.

a *GOOD* working system for Delura is going to be around $2500, the plan is to set the crowdfunding goal to about $4000, and use a portion of the extra funds to update our software and give our contributors a small reward as a thanks. Assuming the crowdfunding falls through, I believe I may be able to get an acceptable alternative system for around $600 if I transpose the graphics card from my old system to the new one. At least i've already received a few donations since I started EP 005.03 totaling $220, so I may be able to reach the alternative goal over time as long as I can build enough from revenue sources.

Another source of revenue is non-intrusive banner ads on the Delura website, I'm just waiting to finish EP 005.03 to put them in.

Before content-sales can happen (premium videos/shorts, extra episodes, etc), the hardware absolutely has to be replaced. I'm pretty confident that this will become the largest income-earning aspect of our series once in place... I want to stress that this will be done on top of what we already do (comics, video installments, frequent updates).


2012-12-14 05:22:37

Love this series. It gives me a nostalgic, happy, "sit on the couch in front of the TV" feeling each time I watch it. If you ever need some kind of help with this series I'd be more than glad to try. Be it musical or financial.

Let me know.