Animation work for Delura EP 005.03 is done

2012-12-10 23:40:03 by Tanadrine-Studios

Sorry there's not much more to report... I really, really want to get this damn installment done! I've just finished converting many of the scene file animations into MDD files (basically sacrifices changeability for less sluggish editing) and will be starting the final lighting/composition process soon.

In the meantime, I think I'll post some screenshots of some of the content volunteers have made. I had asked Delura volunteers if they could make me some random ships for this episode, and they have some creative ideas.

This one was created by Raymation3d. Kinda reminds me of the guidebot from the Descent series and consequently I decided to make it an automated repair-bot that resides in the vehicle workshop.

Animation work for Delura EP 005.03 is done


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2012-12-11 02:45:05

Descent? Boy you really do like old tech, huh :3
Any luck in getting some new gear before the end of the year?

(Updated ) Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Yes, in fact old tech (called RelicTech in this series) is part of Delura's current storyline as people will discover in the upcoming installments :)

Any gear-getting will happen sometime late January or early Febuary, depending on whether our crowd funding initiative is successful or not (I'm skeptical of the concept myself). If it falls through it just means I'll have to scale back production values by making the backgrounds screenshots of renders and limiting myself to static camera angles. If I keep the production values of 005.03 without upgraded hardware, it will take me years just to get a few installments out.