More 3d animation work...

2012-11-27 13:35:20 by Tanadrine-Studios

Chugging away at animation... I think I have about 20-30 seconds worth left to do and I can focus on getting images rendered out.

Full size image

More 3d animation work...


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2012-11-27 18:26:56

This is why I prefer Blender.
Granted all the major animation softwares are fundamentally flawed and that's why I'm developing Helix.

I'd like to say you're doing a great job on this series though. Get your meshes together so they're not rigged pieces, and do some proper materials and texturing for your scenes. Its all really haphazard.

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

EP 005 (especially part 3) marks the transition to textured, organic character models. My goal is that most people will see a huge contrast between that and earlier installments. The current agenda is to get funding for new hardware so that I can maintain the new era design without sacrificing production speed.

I use Blender as well to compensate for some of Lightwave 9.6's weaknesses... knowing how to use multiple 3d programs is almost a requirement anymore.