Comic today maybe...

2012-11-25 13:30:19 by Tanadrine-Studios

The next few comics require me to do some modeling, and towards the end I'll need to make some new character models (full body+rig, not template-based), so we'll see if I can manage to pull it off over the next few weeks. Its gonna be tough.

Meanwhile, check out some of my "developer image notes", there are a lot of cool tricks you can do with imagery, that is just one of them.


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2012-11-25 15:21:27

You're one tenacious bastard, and I hope you get the gear you need to continue your story.
Like Babylon 5 (that used an Amiga with Video Toaster software), you produced wonderful visuals with stone knives and bearskins.
Get on that Kickstarter pitch. I'm sure once people realize your achievements, they'll be happy to fund you!