Animation work continues

2012-11-20 13:03:14 by Tanadrine-Studios

Aaaaaalmost done... I can't wait to start piecing together the dozen-or-so scene files i've had to save out just to make this episode happen. Once everything is in a single scene file, it'll be pretty smooth sailing to completion for EP 005.03.

Part of me does feel like I'm in way over my head for this installment, as it is at the bleeding edge of my limited capabilities skill-wise in addition to being beyond what my hardware is capable of displaying or rendering... I have to do the renders in many separate layers in addition to working almost blind (backgrounds turned off, tons of "proxy" placeholder objects, countless workarounds, etc).

For those who'd like to stick with Newgrounds for Delura updates, our current plan is as follows:

-When animation for EP 005.03 is complete, I'll be sending un-rendered preview footage over to MetalRenard to complete scoring for the final segment. He has some great work, check him out.

-While MetalRenard is busy with that, I'll be working on putting everything together, final lighting, compositing, sound effects and post production. The voice actors will need to do some final vocals to coincide with the fight scene (in most action sequences, it is easier to have the actor dub than to animate off their clips like normally). At that point, EP 005.03 will get uploaded not too long after 005.02. EP 005.03 features the vocal talents of BenjaminZ and Darkwolf as well as a few other folks not on Newgrounds (as far as I know of).

-Because I cannot reasonably continue the series at this detail level with my current hardware, I will be attempting a crowdfunding campaign to raise at minimum $3000 to purchase a new production system (if we're lucky and get more than that, I can upgrade our software too). I do realize the chance of success is slim here, but I have to try. If we do not succeed, then I will need to dial back the details significantly to avoid the many extra steps required to make content. This is planned for mid January or early Febuary.

-If everything goes well, Delura production will be boosted significantly, and we will begin the long and grueling process of getting this series to turn into a self-sustaining production (my opinion of "self sustaining" is simply to make enough to offset the cost of occasional upgrades and hardware failures). I'd like for Delura to become my full time job, but that's like hoping to win the lottery :)

That's it! There are more Delura installments on their way to Newgrounds so be sure to vote on them!

Just a production screenshot below. Keyframey skeleton action goodness!

Animation work continues


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