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Help our project for free! We need you!

2013-02-09 16:56:44 by Tanadrine-Studios

Dropbox offers an option to increase storage space by referring people to their free, easy-to-sign-up-for service. You can help out the Delura project without forking out a single penny. Find out how!!

NOTE: If you pm me a credit name I'll plug it into the blog post and thank you publicly! :)

Help our project for free! We need you!


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2013-02-09 17:42:21

Yeah, you really gotta register AND install the 18mb main program to get the referral. There was also a page saying as such.
Well, I installed the app, uploaded the old intro from my CATV show... we'll go from there. If you could, I be VicariousE of Newgrounds, referral #5,6, or whatever it's up to now.


2013-02-09 17:50:11

https://www.dropbox.com/s/9e6twijuga6gl3k/Disp osable%20People%20-%201x1%20-%20Intro.mpg
Rather crappy video player, but it seems to make my audio synch look dead-on :)