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Spam: now the language of insanity?

2012-12-04 11:03:58 by Tanadrine-Studios

I occasionally empty my spam folder (I'm glad the auto filters work so well), but as I do so I can't avoid reading several words before my browser loads the next page and empties the bin. I realized that nearly all of the spam we get makes absolutely no sense. No, it goes beyond absolutely no sense. I'm pretty certain it is a script just sending stuff through something like "google translate", but it results in some pretty funny wording. I also get a lot of spam from Germany and poland... I have no idea why. I did read Delura is also the name of a popular German soccer player *shrug*.

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Spam: now the language of insanity?


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2012-12-05 13:09:02

Ha ha, spam is fun

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Reduce Be worthwhile for Transaction marked down Terminals
Author is case writer. with intelligence ATM Atlanta delight

(I'm not making this up, this is actual text from my spam bin).


2012-12-04 19:30:44

I receive spam on my telephone.....
Usually ads for things I don't want....

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Would cowboy pole tenacious gravy present well?


2012-12-04 15:14:22

I hope there is never spam messages on telephones. Ugh...

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Tack braids! Aggressive get expedite!


2012-12-04 12:52:12


Translated voice spam messages! That's right, those entrepreneurs in Sudan, China, and many other places in the world want to sell THEIR product to YOU!! Language is no longer a barrier!!

Example of what will be said vocally over your telephone:

"Various impedance methods of socks gravely adds second crustations."

Isn't that fantastic!?